Renting a Vacation House – The Best way to Travel

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  • We often think about renting a beach house or a mountain cabin for a vacation, but when we think of international travel, that often slips our minds. However, can you imagine anything much better than having your own Italian villa surrounded by vineyards and olive groves? How about a Caribbean home perched upon a gentle cliff overlooking the ocean, maybe an infinity pool stretching to that cliff?

    As exotic as these sound, house rental really is a doable way to take a longer vacation. Okay maybe not the infinity pool, but then again, it’s not completely out of the realm. Depending on your destination, renting a home is often the best way to do it, not only budget wise, but comfort wise as well. Think about these things:

    •   If going with a few families or large group, you can all stay on one property and split the cost, plus hang out together.

    •   Renting a local home gives you a taste of local culture. You’re more in the midst of daily life rather than kept away on a resort or in the middle of tourist traps.

    •   A house is just more comfortable. If planning to stay more than a week, a hotel can get really cramped. You can feel at home in a house!

    •   Even if going international, it’s easy to do online. Look for credible websites, even is international. You can also search on sites to meet your budget, whether it’s luxury, budget conscious or somewhere in between. Just looking at some of the sites gives you great travel ideas.

    •   You may be surprised at how cost efficient renting a home may be when you add up all the travel details.

    Whether staying in your own country or venturing to an international destination, take a look into renting a home rather than a hotel. You may end up extending your stay (or at least wishing you could)!

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