Birthday Gifts for your Bestie

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  • Your best friend’s birthday is coming up and you want to get her something special, not just the run of mill gift. But it’s tricky – often women have what they need and they just don’t want more “stuff.” For some it’s easy – you buy them what you want! Others, not so easy. But there is some fabulous, fun girlfriend gifts out there that you can give to your friend and she’ll truly enjoy it!

    In the jewelry department, of course, you’re not going to give your friend expensive gemstone jewelry (that’s her guy’s job), but pick out some fun other pieces. Look for monogram jewelry, and not just the classic kind. You can put together a necklace with her initials (if she has kids add their initials, too) in fun charm style, like the Waxing Poetic charms. The big baubles with initials are also fun for bracelets. Look for some grown up BFF necklaces, too. Places like Red Envelope sell these, and your bestie would be proud to wear a stylish necklace representing your friendship.

    If not something to wear, like jewelry, think about a mani/pedi. But don’t just give her the gift certificate for one, that could sit on her dresser for years without her using it. Instead, make a day of it and take her out to lunch and go for that mani/pedi together. Throw a cocktail in and you’ve got a great girl’s day. If you can’t pull all of this together because of distance or time, give her the gift certificate and a fun pair of flip flops to show off those newly painted toes.

    Of course, time is the best gift, and a day of shopping, a movie night or a dinner out is always a great way to celebrate not only her birthday, but also the friendship you share.

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