Get Ready for Summer: Pick that perfect swimsuit!

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  • Why is it that no matter what a woman looks like, she hates trying on bathing suits? Is it the bright light in the dressing room, or the many mirrors? Is it that she scans every inch of herself thinking others are going to do the same looking for every bulge, wrinkle, dimple and imperfection? We need to get over it and step boldly into the dressing room with our arms full of bathing suits! We need to face the mirrors clad in only minimal coverage and like what we see! How, you may ask. Try these few tips when the time comes to peel away winter layers and step into bathing suit:

    First of all, dress the part. Don’t wear your granny panties. Put on your Hanky Pankies so you’re not tucking your underwear all up in your bathing suit. No one needs anymore bulges! Take the time to shave before you go, too. Wear sandals or flip flops to enhance your legs; definitely take off your socks if you’re wearing those. Also, don’t eat a big meal before bathing suit shopping!

    Think about what enhances YOUR body. If you think your hips are a little bigger, a skirt may make them look wider, not hide them. If you are large busted, you may need a bra size top with support and wider straps even though you love the smaller skimpier ones. Think about colors and patterns – dark colors are sleeker and patterns more forgiving. Dress your age, too. Even if you are a stunning middle aged mom, don’t buy the same bikini as your teenage daughter. That doesn’t mean you can’t show off your assets, just dress the part.

    Unfortunately, bathing suits are one of those things you have to try on. You can’t tell by looking at it on the hanger. But once you get it in that fitting room, you may just love it, and yourself!!

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    1. John Kim says:

      women see the photo shopped celebrity with perfect skin, and they see their own body with flaws.

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