Traveling with Kids: Goodbye Chicken Fingers!

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  • Traveling with children can sometimes seem daunting, especially when local food may be outside of their norm. However, instead of looking at it as a struggle, look at it as a great new experience and a way to expand their palate. Even for those chicken finger loving kids, it’s always possible to find something new for them to try – they may even end up loving it!

    If you are traveling simply within your own region, you probably won’t have much trouble; it’s when you go to another region or country that you may not be able to find what your children normally eat. Here are some tips on getting them to try, and love, some new regional foods:

    •   Try street foods. Street foods can usually be eaten with hands, and kids love that! Whether it’s Thai Chicken Satay or a warm sugary crepe, kids will love it. Once they’ve tried one thing, they’re apt to try more.

    •   Give them options. Sometimes it’s better to order a few dishes to share, instead of ordering kids their own entrees. Once they see you eating and enjoying, they’ll want to taste it, too. Sharing makes it more fun, too, when you pass plates around and compare favorites.

    •   Visit a farmer’s market. Everything is yummy there, and kids can just pick and eat. There’s always something new to try!

    •   Stroll the streets and snack. It doesn’t just have to be street food, but take a break and stop in a local cafe for a small plate when you see something yummy. It also keeps the kids from getting too hungry and getting those “hungry grumps” when they’ll be more reluctant to try new things.

    Don’t force. Let them try on their own accord, and they will. They may not dive right into the most exotic of foods, but who knows, by the time your travels end, your kids favorite food may be frog legs, basil rolls, or red bean buns. They may never want a chicken finger again!

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