Destination Puerto Rico: So Much to Do!

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  • Breath taking vistas, lush tropical forests, clear blue-green seas make for the perfect vacation. Puerto Rico offers all this and more, plus it’s one of the easiest Caribbean destinations to get to from the United States since it’s a US territory – no passport necessary.

    Vacationers in Puerto Rico will have tons to do. The El Yunque and other rain forests and neighboring Mona Island are home to many endangered and rare animals and plants, and no poisonous snakes here! Imagine zip lining through tropical trees or hiking to a waterfall hidden in the midst of a rain forest. There are caves to explore, mountains to climb, and of course, beaches, beaches, and more beaches. Whether looking to relax or play, these stunning waters and beaches offer surfing, snorkeling, swimming or just time on the beach.

    With Puerto Rico’s rich history, sightseeing is a must. The island’s culture has had many influences, and the architecture is just as diverse and stunning. San Juan, settled in 1513, is full of history, including famous forts and cobblestone streets, making Old San Juan a beautiful place to tour. Make sure to see the famous churches, the Iglesia de San Jose and the Cathedral de San Juan, which are two of the oldest churches in the western hemisphere. The town of Cabo Rojo offers a beautiful lighthouse and quiet beaches, and you can dine on amazing seafood while watching a romantic sunset.

    Some of the luxury resorts offer enough so their visitors never have to leave the resort if they don’t want to. With restaurants, beaches, water sports, pools and spas, everything is there. For those who like to see the culture and experience local life, they can find buzzing nightlife in the cities along with towns full of history and charm.

    With its beauty, diversity and culture, Puerto Rico makes an amazing vacation destination. From posh resorts to century old churches, there is plenty to do and see. Though your passport will not be stamped, it will be a vacation to remember.

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