Throwing a (Cost Friendly) Dinner Party

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  • •   Use candles for lighting. Dress up candles you already have with ribbons or flowers and purchase a few more to put everywhere. Candles cast such a nice glow that you don’t need much more for decoration.

    •    Stick with beer and wine. Not only do you save on liquor costs, but mixers and garnishes as well. There are some great low cost but tasty wines on the market. Buy a single grease art pencil and guests can write their name (or whatever they want) on their glasses to identify them – no need for wine charms. Have a few bottles of sparkling water for the non drinkers; it’s cheaper and healthier than sodas, and adds to the elegance factor.

    •   Have plenty of small bites. You can do appetizers of bruschetta, fruit and cheese, mini pizzas made with flatbreads. Do this instead of a seated appetizer.

    •   Serve great food and focus on fresh ingredients. You don’t have to serve a big steak to everyone, but you can make a yummy steak salad for an entree – buy fresh salad ingredients, make your own dressing and grill a couple of steaks, slice and serve. You can serve fresh bread with this and it makes a satisfying and tasty meal.

    •   Buy dessert. We often want to make everything, but not only is dessert time consuming, but the ingredients can add up. Splurge on a fabulous dessert or two or a variety of pastries and let guest sample.

    The fun of a dinner party is the friendships, and keeping it simple is what works these days. If someone asks what to bring, suggest a bottle of wine. That’s easy for them and doesn’t throw your menu off, but helps out in alcohol costs.

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