A Girl’s Guide to Airport Travel

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  • Traipsing through an airport, you can always tell the novice travelers from the ones who make it a habit. Those seasoned travelers definitely have some good tricks. It’s tough, though with new restrictions on flying to get it all in a carry on, but a girl’s got to pack what a girl’s got to pack. Here are a few tips to help get you through the airport while still bringing what you want.

    First, make sure you know the restrictions on baggage, whether it is weight, size or number of bags. Check with the airline to see what their guidelines are and stick to them; it only causes hold ups, for you and other travelers when you don’t. Remember the restrictions on toiletries and cosmetics, too. Try not to check your luggage if you don’t have to. A great secret is to take the travel bottles from the hotel and fill them with your favorite shampoo, lotion, or any of your liquid cosmetics. Not everyone likes the hotel brands, and this makes all of your favorite cosmetics airline friendly.

    Dress for the flight. Wear shoes that can get you through the airport without limping, but still look like you’ve got some style. Cute flats, sandals, or easy on/off boots are good, because not only are they comfortable, but remember, you’ll have to take them off through the security check. Make sure your socks are presentable if you’re wearing them!

    One way to get more clothes on your trip rather then overloading your bag is to wear them. Dress in layers for your flight, and you can shed that sweater or scarf on the plane if you’re warm, and you’ll have it with you for your travels. Not only does it allow you more clothes than will fit in your suitcase, but you never know what the temperature on the plane will be. Layers are great for airline travel.

    Airport traveling is tricky, but once you learn some trade secrets, it becomes easier and easier.

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    1. Mattie Z says:

      Great tips…

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