5 Sexy Winter Date Ideas

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  • While most people insist that summer is the ideal time for love and romance, that certainly doesn’t mean that it’s the only time! Frigid air and icy sidewalks don’t exactly scream romance, but there are ways around it. Sometimes cold weather makes for a perfect date! Here are some great winter date ideas to keep things hot when the weather gets cold:

    • While stargazing is typically thought of as a summer thing, it can be just as fun in the winter. Bring a couple warm blankets and a big mug of hot chocolate (bonus points if you add a shot of Kahlua!) and cuddle up next to your man for the evening under the stars.
    • While going out for dinner is the cliché date, it’s not as fun if you have to travel in snowy or icy conditions (especially if you’re wearing your new Jimmy Choo’s). Why not get a bottle of wine, stay in, and make a meal together. Mexican or Caribbean food is simple, delicious, and will be a great escape from the weather outside.
    • Guys like it when you tend to just let loose and have fun. Why not plan a mid-day date, and surprise him with a couple of snow tubes and find the biggest hill you can! Spend the afternoon sledding and then finish the evening going out for hot cocoa.
    • Instead of risking frost bite while making your way to the local theater in your new pumps, plan a movie night in! Rent a romance, comedy, or a horror movie, make popcorn and drinks, and lounge together on the sofa for the night.
    • A game night can be a really fun way to spend the evening! Games like Cranium, Apples to Apples, or even old fashioned Monopoly can be a good time. This works best if you can make it a double date, but it’s fun by yourselves, too!

    The great thing about all these ideas is that they’re all budget friendly and great whether you’re just getting to know him, or have been together a while. With date ideas like this, who needs summer to bring out some romance?


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