10 Tips for Looking Good at the Gym

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  • Going to the gym can be done in style if you know how to get your groove on and fashionably accessorize. Stylish attire and cute accessories from name brand sports and fashion retailers will catch the eye of everyone at the gym.

    Don’t compromise comfort—Over-sized or too tight clothing will only have a dull effect on your workout, as well as your appearance. Buy exercise wear from expert fashion gurus like La Martina.

    Don’t blend in to the background—Invest in some colorful and fun shorts, tanks and tees from Lulu Lemon. With large selections of bright and beautiful exercise wear purchased from the experts, you are certain to be seen as a woman who’s really got her groove on.

    These shoes were made for walkin’—Walk right into that gym in style with a fashionable pair of exercise shoes from Adidas. This retailer knows style and design as much as they know sports. You can’t go wrong with smart and sassy sneakers purchased from these guys.

    Support yourself—While moral support is great, self-esteem isn’t the only thing that sometimes needs a boost at the gym. Invest in a good sports bra from Champion to give those girls a little support of their own.

    Sweet and Simple—When it comes to hair and makeup at the gym, the old adage of “less is more” holds true. Pull your hair back with a cute Nike hairband and wear minimal makeup. The natural look is always a winner.

    Decorate your feet—You will also want to invest in some cute and comfortable socks from Adidas. Think short to make your legs look long and lean.

    Don’t lay down on the job—If you’re going to work out, do it right with the proper equipment. Take along a fun and fashionable exercise mat from Lulu Lemon.

    Don’t water it down—Never forget to take along a colorful and chic water bottle for sipping between sit-ups. Not only will you be providing yourself with much-needed refreshment, you will look good while doing it with a fun and bright bottle from CamelBak.

    Know how to carry it—In addition to knowing how to carry yourself at the gym, you should have a cute and stylish bag to stash away all of your exercise fashion accessories. Spalding offers a number of fun and fashionable exercise totes and gym bags.

    Don’t forget the extras—If you are going to spend any time at all actually exercising while you are at the gym, chances are that your cute and fashionable exercise attire is going to get a bit sweaty and wrinkled. Don’t forget to bring along an extra change of clothes or at least a colorful and stylish jacket or hoodie from American Apparel. After all, you want to look just as good leaving the gym as you did walking in.

    Looking good will make you feel good. Make certain you look and feel good with quality sports fashions and accessories from the top name brands in the business.

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