When to Introduce Your Boyfriend

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  • Deciding when to introduce your boyfriend to your parents is a nerve-wracking process. The introduction is an integral step if you are looking to take your relationship to the next level. However, if you make the move too soon, you might spook your boyfriend or your parents may become too attached. Wait too long and things could feel awkward.

    One way to ease into the big meeting is to work on introducing your boyfriend to your friends first. Set up a fun gathering and use the opportunity to gauge how you both do. Next, make sure your parents are aware of your boyfriend, and know that things are moving beyond the casual stage. Springing him on them if they don’t even know he exists may not work well for anyone involved.

    Before setting up the big meet, talk with your boyfriend to make sure he’s comfortable with the idea. Nothing says pressure like a guy meeting his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. Make sure the two of you have similar feelings about the seriousness of your relationship before mixing family into the equation. Try not to rush him into the meeting, or he’ll likely be tense, if not get scared off all together. Ease into the idea and gauge his level of comfort.

    Finally, decide what you want to do for the first encounter. Do you want a casual hello at a coffee shop or bar? Or, do you want to meet up for brunch or a sporting event? Come up with a plan where both your boyfriend and your family will feel at ease. Another tip is to share a bit of information about your parents with your boyfriend. Insight about hobbies, favorite memories or hot-button topics to avoid can help your boyfriend feel comfortable and break the ice. Try to relax and remember that if everyone involved loves you, there is good reason to think they will enjoy one another as well.

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